Types of Web Hosting

If you are about to start your own hosting business, start wanting to use self-hosted WordPress or just want to know and learn to see opportunities around the hosting business, then it could be useful for you to know and understand the type of web hosting. The reason is that there are several different types of web hosting, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, in the following, then, some of the types of web hosting will be discussed further.

– Dedicated Web Hosting or Dedicated Server

You could say this is the web hosting service most dreamed of a webmaster. It is not a big deal of its storage capacity, its amazing ability to handle super traffic, or all kinds of premium features in it, but more because if you have dedicated web hosting it means you have full rights and control of your server. So, it will feel as if you actually have the server even though you are actually just renting it. Because all controls are on you, it means you also have to have the technical ability to manage them. In general, there is still technical assistance if it is quite problematic, but back again, you are the one who has the main responsibility. As an example of a dedicated server, you can check out servidores dedicados en mexico, the dedicated servers from Mexico.

– Shared Hosting or Web Hosting Sharing

In terms of popularity, shared hosting is a type of hosting that is best-selling and commonly used in the world. Why? It is because it is cheap and still sufficient to fulfill customer needs of personal to small to medium level businesses, depending on the type of the website.

What to be noticed is the shared hosting service which is unlimited. As its name indicates, it means that you need to share resources with other tenants. So, it is rather naive to believe that there is an unlimited resource. For the use of personal blogs that the number of visits is not too large, then this is enough. While waiting for your blog or website enlarged, you can just use this type of shared web hosting, yet later you can upgrade it to a larger service at any time.