Common Types of Mattresses

The types of mattresses range from standard hard or soft mattress options to high-tech mattress options operated by machines via remote control. That is why a brand like the indigo sleep will usually offer various types of mattresses. Here are some common types of mattresses:

– Standard mattress

Standard mattresses are made from a variety of raw materials and sold at varying prices. Mattresses made from organic or natural fibers tend to be sold at a higher price. You can choose a mattress with a wide selection of hardness and softness, depending on your wishes.

– Memory type foam mattress

This type of mattress is made from raw materials that can adjust to your body shape as you lie down and retain that shape while you sleep. For those who tend not to move much during sleep, this type of mattress can be a great choice. But if you tend to feel hot when you sleep, a memory foam type mattress may not be the right choice because this type of mattress can store body temperature.